The Team

Chief Investigator Philippe Chouinard   PhD Candidates Rosa Sola Molina Mutindi Kithu Amy Siobhan Millard Hayden Peel Gizem Yildez Cody Freeman Jarrod Harris   Honours Students Brooke Zoccoli Tylah McGregor Liam Drury Sandra Chen Indiana Mulder

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Kael Howard, 4th year honours (2020). Title of thesis: Is This my Real Hand? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Assessing the Strengths of Rubber Hand Illusion Measures. Supervisors: Richard Skarbez and Philippe Chouinard. Alice Hopechild, 4th year honours (2020). Title of thesis: Virtually Real: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review of the Full-Body Illusion. Supervisors: Richard…

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