Honours Student
Department of Psychology and Counselling
School of Psychology and Public Health
La Trobe University

I am currently undertaking my honours year of Psychological Science under the supervision of Dr. Philippe Chouinard.  I have been intrigued by the intricacies of the human brain and behaviour for many years.  In my own time, I enjoy looking into the behaviour of criminals, attempting to understand them and what urges them to commit the violent acts they do.

My other interests include consciousness and perception.  Particularly the perception of illusions, or anything that plays tricks on our perceptual systems.  I think the thing about these faculties of psychology that captures my interest is the mystery surrounding them.  There are few people, if any, that truly understand consciousness and perceptual illusions, and that is exciting.

This year, my thesis is based around the size-weight illusion, where when presented with two objects of different size but equal weight, the smaller object will be perceived as heavier.  Also an example of an illusion that has been studied for years and is still not fully understood.