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Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Psychology and Counselling
School of Psychology and Public Health
La Trobe University

Broadly, I am interested in the visuomotor processes that account for our precision in performing visually guided action. My PhD thesis, completed at Flinders University of South Australia, focused on the visuomotor processing of highly manipulable objects, like tools or kitchen utensils. I began a post-doctoral research position in the Vision and Action Lab in April 2017, where I have two main lines of research. First, I investigate how the human perceptual and motor systems makes sense of an object’s weight, and how our conscious experience of weight is highly subject to influence based on learned associations between object features and weight. Second, I am interested in the neural processes that account for learned visuomotor associations. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), I am investigating how activity in the visual system changes over time as a function of visuomotor learning.