PhD Candidate
Department of Psychology and Counselling
School of Psychology and Public Health
La Trobe University

I am currently doing my PhD in cognitive neuroscience under the supervision of Dr. Philippe Chouinard and Sheila Crewther. Since I come from a country where psychological research is limited, studying human cognition has been an ever-increasing interest of mine. My interests predominantly lie in neuroscience, specifically observing the neural substrates involved in how we process visual information, and how this contributes to our actions. This area of research is still largely unexplored, and I am very excited to be part of a team that gets the opportunity to explore this area of psychological research. Currently, I am part of a study investigating the neural mechanisms involved in visuomotor associations with practical objects, such as kitchen utensils or tools. This will give us information on how rapidly and or unconsciously we act upon visual information that we perceive, and how this can potentially help provide technological improvements to emergent domains in which the rapid processing of visual information is essential for goal-directed actions.